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Leading FMCG Company sees 10% QoQ jump in sales after implementing Jinicommerce

Jinicommerce B2B Sales and eCommerce Platform helps automate Order Management from Sales teams and allows B2B customers to order and pay 24 X 7.

Companies find it challenging to manually manage orders that are from excel, email, paper or WhatsApp based, with huge delays and errors in processing. Jinicommerce, a Cloud and Mobile Solution allows all roles in the supply chain to use a single App for multiple functions, that allows execution and visibility to data in real time. The App was integrated with SAP ERP for Item Master Catalogues and Customer Masters and Orders Synchronisation.

“Last Mile Order Entry has been a challenge that is now being addressed with the availability of affordable B2B Apps built for enterprises”


  • Automatically place orders without waiting for salespersons. View Catalogues & Order History

  • Publish Catalog, receive real time orders and inventory for an Agile Supply chain

  • Omnichannel to Collect orders from Customers, Sales teams, Stockists and E-Commerce Web

Salespersons can use their own low cost Android Devices as well as iOS devices to easily dow

nload and use the app for all their job functions:

  • Look up Customer outstanding balance and past invoices

  • Search Inventory & Enter Expenses

  • Enter new Orders and Payments received from Customers

  • Create and Update Customer Data on Mobile devices

“The app enables B2B customers to place orders and buy without waiting for a salesperson to visit them. This has positively influenced buyer behaviour ”

Customer Feedback “One of the problems we faced is to correlate Sales team activities to Sales targets - Today we’re able to see a clear link between salesperson actions and order values. Visibility to data in real time helps us take quick and timely actions - These analytics are a huge advantage for us today.” - Head of Sales

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